Always read the payoff information that is posted next to each machine, especially on Pay for Play machines.

Never leave your machine – always call an attendant if you have a problem – they will come to you.

Always check you have inserted the correct number of coins when playing Progressive Slots or Pay for Play machines.

Set limits on how much you are prepared to lose, and don’t exceed that limit. Greed is the biggest motivator, if you play to have fun and not to make money you won’t end up working out how to pay the mortgage next month.

If you do intend to play for the big money, do as much research as possible about the machine you intend playing – but still set yourself a limit.

Always play machines that you understand, never just randomly float around playing just any of them.

Watch others play for a while to see how the machine works.

Never underestimate luck. You may think you can know a machine’s take or pay cycle, but always remember luck plays is the biggest factor.

Don’t just assume because you have spent all night feeding one particular machine that it will suddenly return all your money plus bonuses. The old ‘just one last go’ always turns into just another, then another… .

If you do hit a streak and end up in the money, consider having a ‘couple’ of goes on a high end machine – maybe even a £5 slot – if you win on one of those take the money and run!


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