Craps is the casino table game that appears to be the most crowded, the noisiest, the fastest, the most active, and the most fun which all adds up to being perhaps the most confusing. Taking a closer look at the popular casino table game you will see that even though there are many ways to place your wagers and that means there are many things to learn which may be less confusing that it first appears.
A few things for the newcomer to remember at the Craps table are:
1) As with all casino games you need to set your spending limit and stay arranged limits and after you decide what amount you can afford to spend you need to find a Craps game that has table limits you can afford to play within.

2) The person rolling the dice is called the shooter and continues to roll the dice until a seven is rolled.

3) Center bets are great, if you’re the casino – remember to ask the friendly crew member what they think is the best bet, you can even let them know you are a newcomer to the game, annd they will gladly tell you which are the best bets and which are not.

4) If you find you have exceeded your allotted amount of spending on your should stick around and watch the action and consider the

loss a learning experience. Listen to the lingo of the game, watch the crew and the players, and remember it takes time and patience to learn the game.

5) Some casinos offer teaching sessions where the game slows down and is explained by the crew to any whom wish to learn. Ask at your favorite casino if they offer this service and don’t be embarrassed to attend, no one knows anything until they learn. Remember, there is usually little time at the busy table to have all of your questions answered so read up, try it out, and then observe others playing and soon Craps may become your favorite casino table game.

Craps – try it out for fun when you first start and don’t expect to win much ask questions when there is opportunity to do so, observe the action and enjoy mastering the game.


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